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Drone photography is addictive, and finding areas to fly in when you’re based out of London is quite difficult – there are a myriad of restrictions, including strict no fly zones throughout the densely populated city, as well as the 5 major airports surrounding it.

With that being said, on the fringes of these zones, and in some areas accessible in a day trip, are some amazingly beautiful locations for drone photography.

old harry rocks donald yip

I find the website No Fly Drones extremely helpful for determining areas which are safe to fly in – it lists controlled airspace, prohibited military areas, and some areas which may seem safe, but are actually restricted due to by laws.

In conjunction with the above is the official DJI map built into the app, and a little bit of common sense goes far too. I

Below are some photographs I’ve taken of hidden (and not so hidden) spots on the fringes of Greater London. All are taken with the DJI Mavic Air I’ve written about in my brief review –

maze drone donald yip

brighton drone pier

london chapel forest drone

maze drone donald yip


DJI Mavic Air
I generally shoot in auto mode, with the AEB 3/5 shot option, which automatically takes an additional 2 or 4 images over and underexposed, in case highlights or shadows need to be rescued.

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have in the comments below, or over on my Facebook or Instagram pages.

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