The Twin Towers – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A spectacular skyline sunset reflected in the pools of KLCC Park. The evening was made even better by the huge feast of Malaysian food (see below) we had that night!

Kuala Lumpur KLCC Donald Yip
Kuala Lumpur Photoshop Donald Yip

From the east coast of Australia, Kuala Lumpur is a common stopover destination, particularly when flying onwards to Europe. I always try to set aside time to explore any stopover destination I pass through, even if it’s for a day or two. I had photographed the Petronas Towers last year on my way to Myanmar, from the beautiful Trader’s Hotel lounge.

Kuala Lumpur KLCC Donald YipKLCC Twilight: Photographed on my last visit to Kuala Lumupur in 2016 

Malaysia Food Donald YipBonus pic – here’s some of the amazingly delicious food we had in Malaysia too! 


Nikon D750 | Nikon 16-35mm @ 17mm | f/11 | 1/2s | ISO 50
Location – Central Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Post Processing:
– Starts the same way as always: adjusting the colours and tonality of the two exposures I’m going to use, in Lightroom
– Exposure 1: the sky. Tweak the colour balance (critical), aswell as contrast/clarity, saturation. Export this into Photoshop
– Exposure 2: the foreground/lights. Once again correct colour balance is critical, so that it sits well with the sky. Export this as a seperate layer in Photoshop
– Blend the two exposures together, by using a mask (usually, and in this case, by separating the skyline from the silhouetted land using a channel mask)
– Barrel distortion correction, caused by shooting at a wide angle and vertically
– Increase in saturation/vibrance
– Straightening of the verticals and horizontals, using a mix of the Skew, Warp and Lens Correction tools in Photoshop

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