Omis Riviera Sunset – Croatia

During my brief time in Split, I had heard of a nearby seaside resort town by the name of Omis, nestled inbetween some small mountains. On one of these mountainsides is an old fortress, Tvrđava Mirabela, which is climbable and open to the public. I think you can guess where this photo was taken from!

To get to Omis from Split, I took one of few busses leaving from the main road adjacent to the walls of the old city. The busses will show ‘Omis’ as one of the destinations on the display, and there are 2 different bus companies that run a route to Omis (they will pass Podstrana, Jesenice, and Dugi Rat on the way, so you can look for these place names too). The locals were helpful enough to let me know where to get off to reach Mirabela Fortress.

There is a small fee for accessing the fort, and the climb is quite easy. Note that the fort does close at different times throughout the year – in my case, the fort closed at 9:00PM, with sunset at around 8:30PM. I managed to grab some frames of the town’s lights after sunset just before I got kicked out! If you go in winter, sunset will be much earlier and this shouldn’t be a problem.

Donald Yip Omis Croatia

Nikon D750 | Nikon 16-35mm @ 16mm | f/11 | 10s | ISO 50
Location – Omis, Croatia
Post Processing:
– Seperate exposure for the city lights blended in using a mask
– Barrel distortion corrected (as this was shot using an ultra wide)
– Horizon straightened
– Vibrance/saturation and levels adjustments

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