Shard & Tower – London, United Kingdom

The iconic Shard & Tower Bridge at sunset along the Thames River, London – the lifeblood of a city where monuments old and new reside.

Tower Bridge London BeforeTower Bridge London Shard

London has some really beautiful architecture, with equally rich history behind it. And here stands one of those, of which it’s name is probably the most often incorrectly identified landmark in the world (it’s the Tower Bridge, not the London Bridge!).

Alongside it sits The Shard, the tallest building in the United Kingdom, and quite a beautiful and unique one at that.

This photo here was taken on my 3rd visit in succession. I made the trek here at sunset for 3 days in a row, and was totally blown away by the colours. I kept a keen eye on the forecast each day, and I have to say that the clouds in London are some of the fastest moving I have ever seen. The weather changes incredibly rapidly here, especially in the middle of winter.

The image is a blend of 2 exposures – one for the sunset sky, then one for the lights of the city. They are blended together using a channel mask, which essentially creates the ‘silhouette’ of the city skyline, so the sky can be blended in with ease.

The tripod is locked down the entire time from start to finish, so selecting your composition right at the start is critical.

London Bridge Shard Sunset
Tower Bridge London Shard


Nikon D750 | MeFOTO Roadtrip | Nikon 28-300mm @ 58mm
f/13, 1/3s, 64 ISO
Location Thames River, London, UK

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