DJI Mavic Air – Lake Bled

The DJI Mavic Air is the first drone I’ve owned, and it has instantly became a favourite part of my kit. As per my previous post, First Impressions – DJI Mavic Air, my initial trip with it was to Lake Bled, Slovenia. Here are some images from several flights.

All photos were taken with the following settings:
– AEB (auto bracketed exposure mode) with 3 shots using -/+2
– RAW file type
– Auto mode (ensuring ISO was on 100 however)
– Tripod mode for stability

My reasoning for shooting in auto mode was, A) I’m still new to this, B) with AEB mode and RAW, I can blend exposures and adjust in Lightroom

Photos were edited in Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop CC, with the below:
– Exposure correction, using the histogram
– Colour corrected (particularly the snow)
– Barrel distortion corrected (the Air exhibits slight distortion on the edges, like the Mavic Pro)
– Vignette control as a result of the above. I noticed some shots were particularly brighter in the corners
– Some noise reduction (still experimenting with this)
– Sharpening (still experimenting with this also!)

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