The Magnificent Mont – Normandy, France

mont saint michel drone

A breathtaking sunrise over the spectacular and unforgettable monastery of Mont Saint-Michel, an island distanced by an endless horizon of sand and ocean.

I’m still astounded by the photographic options, perspectives and beauty that aerial photography offers – from the skies, at the right location in the right light, the results are nothing short of amazing.

I feel this image of Mont Saint-Michel, an imposing medieval monastery fortified by walls and defences, is a testament to that. From the air, you can truly appreciate its construction, and almost gravity-defying cluster of buildings perched atop one another, completely isolated from land, with sand and ocean as far as the eye can see.

mont saint michel drone

The view facing sunrise

That being said, from the ground, it is just as beautiful. Whilst driving towards it and still miles and miles away, you see it emerge from the ground, its distinctive silhouette impressive yet imposing. I also had my DSLR shooting on a bracketed intervalometer whilst simultaneously capturing images from the air.

It’s worth noting the tides if you plan on shooting here, as they can drastically affect your shot. You can check these and read more about them on the official website:

Notes: Generally, I’d like to think I’m very considerate when flying. I distinctly avoid people and buildings, and always try to fly at sunrise. I spoke to the local gendarmerie (police) in town and acquired verbal approval, and the DJI Zone Map only lists this area as a warning (Cat D Airspace for drones over 20kg).


DJI Mavic Air
ISO 100, AEB 3, Auto
Sunrise 5:38AM
LocationMont Saint-Michel, Normandy, France

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  1. Galen Peterson says:

    Donald Yip Photos of Mostar Bromo Cambodia Brugge Switzerland

  2. Aleks says:

    Stunning really
    How high do you fly with your drone

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