The Jewel of Mostar – Bosnia & Herzegovina

The sun sets over the Jewel of Mostar; the illuminated World Heritage 16th-century Stari Most Bridge, in the old city of Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

What a truly incredible place – Mostar’s old city, where the famous Stari Most bridge you see here resides, was an absolute pleasure to explore. I spent a few days here, with the aim of allowing myself multiple sunsets to photograph the bridge from various angles.

A large part of the fun in acquiring this shot, was finding a spot to photograph it from! I spent the warm sunny afternoons walking around the town, climbing along the river bank, and down little local backstreets and alleyways that led to different views of the bridge. I settled on this one as I had not seen it photographed from this viewpoint before, aswell as being nice and quiet.

Donald Yip Mostar Stari MostMostar Stari Most Donald Yip


Nikon D750 | Nikon 28-300mm @ 48mm | f/10 | 1s (river @ 30s) | ISO 50
Location – Old City of Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Post Processing:
– Separate exposure for the city lights and river blended in using a mask (city lights exposure taken approx 20 minutes after sky)
– Removal of small branches at edge of frame
– Vibrance/saturation and levels adjustments

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