Lightning at King’s Landing – Dubrovnik

Lightning at King’s Landing – Dubrovnik
A thunderstorm over Lovrijenac Castle, Dubrovnik. This shot was taken minutes before I got caught out in a humungous storm with heavy rain (I knew it was coming, but also knew my camera and ThinkTank camera backpack were waterproof!).

The technique for this involved working very fast as I didn’t want to miss any lightning strikes, and also to avoid the impending torrential rain. Basic steps were: auto-focus on the castle, re-compose and then switch to manual focus, attach a remote control (self timer would have sufficed if I did not have one), and fire away with 30 second exposures and hope for the best! Shooting in RAW is a must for conditions such as these, as you don’t have the time to get the perfect exposure (I only had about 5 minutes of shooting time).

Donald Yip Dubrovnik LightningDonald Yip Lightning Dubrovnik

Nikon D750 | Nikon 16-35mm @ 28mm | f/14 | 30 sec | ISO 50
Location – Dubrovnik Harbour

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